Troubadour 77

CD Release Party

Troubadour 77

Fri · December 1, 2017

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Troubadour 77
Troubadour 77
Troubadour 77 wants to take you back to a time, an era more than 40 years ago, when Rock n’ Roll with a California Country, Singer-Songwriter influence took hold in the American music scene. Back to the soundscape of the 70’s, when songs addressed life circumstances, social issues and alternate perspectives. They’re no flashback band though. They write original songs about today’s journey, written in a style reminiscent of one they grew up on. With classic rock in a repetitive rewind on satellite radio and streaming stations, they know they aren’t alone in their nostalgic appreciation of that bygone era.
“We just want to carry on the great music made in the 70s. Back then artists weren't afraid to write and sing protest songs, and neither are we. We've got some songs that reflect the current issues and the times we're in now, and we hope they can affect change in our world in a positive way.
The band is the brainchild of Grammy award-winning singer-songwriters, Anna Wilson (Piano/Lead Vocals) and Monty Powell (Electric Guitar/Vocals). Wilson and Powell have been married for 16 years, making music together as artists, songwriters and producers. Together they have written a dozen #1 songs and countless album cuts that appear on over 70 million records, and have co-produced unique projects that pay tribute to The Eagles, Billy Joel and the Countrypolitan era of music. Additionally, Powell was a key creative force in establishing the mega success story of Keith Urban, both as his producer and as an early collaborator. Powell earned Golden Globe nominations and countless industry awards for the songs he composed with Urban.
The impetus to form Troubadour 77 came when Wilson began revisiting the records of Jackson Browne, The Eagles, Firefall, Linda Ronstadt and others, and realized how much she missed someone just singing a great song. Wilson says, “Those artists made music that was authentic and addressed the issues of the times, and still those songs hold up 40 years later. It’s because they are honest and real.
"I used to think I was born 20 years too late, because I wasn’t in Los Angeles in 1975. Instead, I was just a 5-year old singing into my hairbrush in my room in Pennsylvania. Powell adds, " We figured if we love that classic sound but don’t just want to hear Stairway to Heaven for the ten-thousandth time, there’s probably a whole lot of other folks out there who would love to hear some fresh tunes not dominated by kid singers, hip-hop based rhythms and soundscapes with cultural themes that just don’t match who they are. Troubadour 77 is here to say it can be done."

Wilson and Powell are joined by Austin Weyand (Guitar/Vocals), Kassie Weyand (Bass/Vocals) and Nathan Chappell (Drums).
Venue Information:
O.P. Rockwell
268 Main Street
Park City, UT, 84060