Yoga Workout & Dessert Salon at The Rock
Han's Kombucha

Yoga Workout & Dessert Salon at The Rock

Work for your cake and eat it, too!

Join us Thursday, October 1, in The Rockwell Listening Room at O.P. Rockwell in Park City for a workout and yoga class followed by a gluten-free dessert bar! Crunch it out through a half hour of abs and booty work led by Courtney Magleby from Rebel House! Then, reach your zen with Madeline Huntsman from Core Power before we celebrate with cupcakes and other delicious desserts!

This event is sponsored by Han’s Kombucha! Enjoy a free bottle of one of their signature flavors upon entry! Desserts not included in ticket price.

Venue Information:
The Rockwell Listening Room
268 Main St
Main Street level
Park City, UT, 84060