Lady Omega
Lead Vocalist for Afro Omega

Lady Omega

Reggae, Dub, Rock

Lady Omega, aka Elise Sofia, is best known as the leading lady of one of the biggest reggae bands to ever come out of Utah, Afro Omega. Her work with Afro Omega built the foundation for Utah's reggae scene.

Afro Omega came together in 2003 in Salt Lake City, Utah as a male-fronted reggae-rock band. Though well-received around town they didn’t find their voice till years later when backing vocalist, Elisa, was moved to the vocal lead. Since then Afro Omega has been called “one of the most revolutionary bands to come out of Utah.” Their combination of poppy vocals, spacey keys, rock guitar, and driving drum and bass make for a unique and amazing sonic experience. “It's feel-good, beautiful music that is epic in scope. Futuristic and classic at the same time.”

Venue Information:
O.P. Rockwell
268 Main St
Park City, UT, 84060